Who Are We

Vidwaan Academy is a coaching institute with a vision: Respect & Nurture intelligence in everyone.

When it comes to a coaching institute, What does a coaching need to accomplish to be called successful? It has to get Results...plain and simple. Throw around all the new terms and buzz words. It doesn't matter, if it doesn't work. That's what we are about: Results
We are a crazy, fun loving and 'Result Oriented' coaching institute that always does something creative, fresh, positive and Joyful to bring new techniques for students to help them solve even toughest question papers in Competitive Exams. It's not what you know ,it's how you use it. Our dedicated team has created many success stories so far, so why not see what we can do for you? You wish to crack entrance exam? Don't Wait, Future is Now! Contact us today @ 8743990888

About Us

Vidwaan Academy is a coaching institute which started with a vision, with 2 students, one staff and without any Faculty. We have come a long way since then with having coached almost 3000 students so far .Several of our students have cracked IIT,AIIMS,Banking,SSC and so forth. Vidwaan Academy is synonymous with professionalism and excellence in the field of competitive exams has been in the industry for the past several years. We provide sincere class with comprehensive and relevant study materials and test papers to our student that help them enhance their knowledge and skills resulting in better performance during the exams.


We are on our ultimate mission. Our mission is to bring the incredible vision into the marketplace and monetize it while showing how it can transform the ugly and competitive world of coaching and entrance exams and make the world a better place.


Vidwaan Academy is a coaching institute with a vision: respect and nurture intelligence in everyone. Because every individual is born intelligent. Yes! Getting hold of study material is no longer a problem today. You have enough books, e-books, internet, videos available at your fingertips. Even then something is lacking. What is it? A Coach! Someone who ignite your mind with understanding, sharpness and imagination. We at Vidwaan Academy ensure that each student get a Coach who ignite their mind and show them road towards success. You wish to crack that entrance exam? Come out of your cocoon, contact us today!.

Why Vidwaan Academy?
  • Good Result - RESULT is the goal you want to achieve
  • Best Faculty- Teacher is the force behind your success
  • Awesome Student Feedback-Student knows better than any ADVERTISING
  • After Exam Student Help Center-As You become part of Daksh Academy Family
  • Guaranteed GOVT. JOB -Want to know more? Call us@8743990888